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State of Play

11 shot dead in a Pittsburgh Synagogue.

Synagogue shooter due in court.

President Stupid adds nothing to the debate saying if the Synagogue had an armed guard the shooting could have been avoided.


GAB, aka Far-Right twitter, taken offline, due to suspect gunman using it to threaten Jews.

Brazil, the same country that had death squads, oops, sorry, secret police, hunting street kids in the 80s voted for a fascist. Well, colour me shocked!


Plane crash kills 189 in Indonesia

Leicester City owner dies in copter crash.

Australian cricket team loses 3-0 in series to a brilliant Pakistan…

…and the one highlight, the Red Sox are your MLB Champions.




Guess which dickhole tried to use the Magabomber as a way to get publicity? Milo.


Letter bombs have been sent to the following people over the last 2 days. The bombs feature fake ISIS flag “get er done”.

Soros, Clinton, Obama, Brennan, Waters x2, Holder, Biden
CNN, Wasserman-Schultz, Cuomo and DeNiro.

(MAGA arseholes who believe this is all a hoax):
Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, James Woods
Mike Flynn Jr, Frank Gaffney, Kurt Schlichter, Candace Owens
David Horowitz, John Cardillo, Laura Loomer, Jacob Wohl
Ted Cruz, Chadwick Moore, John Lott, Bill Mitchell…

SUSPECT ARRESTED, Cesar Sayoc, 56, Plantation, Florida.

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