Happy Valentine’s Day!

The happy couple, President of the world and the first lady.


The poor man’s Alex Jones. Another awful conspiracy theorist and opportunist. He also thinks he’s cleverer than everyone else. Read more on this character at Rational wiki.

The Jarhead Chronicles, Introduction.

Alex Jones and the Jarhead Chronicles By Shelly Tumbleson


Alex Jones is the name of a guy who for lack of a better description, is a personality at ACTV (now known as ACAC). He spends each and every possible moment on TV going on about this New World Order, about his super-patriotism and about how everyone except the most devoutly hyper paranoid right wing lemmings is trying to persecute him. He generally does this by equivocating anyone not conforming to HIS views as goose-stepping Nazis. Continue reading “The Jarhead Chronicles, Introduction.”

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