There is something not quite right about the state of cricket and and I can’t put my finger on it.


If you have a spare hour check out this documentary from Al Jazeera about fixing. Players will be implicated in this, we don’t know who. Watch this space.

Today long time Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland retired from his position, effective at the end of 2018.


His 17 year run has seen the rise of the BBL, the rise of women’s cricket and night test matches. Sutherland has overseen arguably Australia’s most successful era in cricket.


Was it ball tampering?: “It hasn’t had a bearing on my decision .. it just feels like a good time to hand over the reins to a successor.”

Why leave now?: Our business works on a 4-5-6 year cycle and it just so happens now we have a new strategy and a new media rights deal .. it just feels like with all of those things done it’s a good time for me to step aside.”

Guardian scribe Greg Jericho believes that “17 years is too long for anyone to be CEO of an organisation” and final word to Cricket Australia chairman, David Peever “James has done an incredible job and has always carried himself with integrity, humility and dignity, apart from knowing the game of cricket inside out. He is, without doubt, the best sporting administrator in Australia and the best in world cricket. James has been instrumental in driving change around the game to make it even stronger for future generations. When he leaves the game, he can most certainly say it’s much stronger for him having been here.”