A Partial History Of Conservative Overreactions.

Michelle Wolf is being harassed by the same people who call the left “snowflakes” that need “safe spaces”. The fuck your feelings crowd are apoplectic over a few jokes. The free speech warriors are deathly silent. Remember it’s a joke.


The left were told not to take offence at this garbage by grubby little race-baiting antisemite Ben Garrison.


The left got told not to overreact when President Fuckknuckle mocked Serge Kovaleski or slyly threatened Hillary.


But we are supposed to hand-wring over some harmless jokes at a political roast.

Here are some more harmless conservative takes…




Let’s not forget when they got offended by the same Julius Caesar play that was aimed at Obama. Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec made fools of themselves at the recital defending their hero, Trump, from a parody.


Recently the right have called for boycotts of:

Hawaii, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Patagonia, Time, Top Shop, Sports Illustrated, Netflix, Pepsi, Budweiser, ABC Australia, Beyonce, ESPN, Google, Jim Beam, GQ, Hollywood, Germany, Nabisco, Macy’s, Amazon, Peppa Pig, Ben And Jerry, Superman, Michael Moore’s One man show, Guinness, New York Daily News, Ghostbusters, Planned Parenthood, Apple, Ford, AT&T, Hamilton The Musical, Bill Maher, MSNBC, Keurig, Sweden, Siri, San Francisco, CNN, New York Times, Comet Pizza (shots fired), NFL, NRL, AFL, marijuana and Star Wars.

In other words conservatives are wankers.